Dying Matters Week

13 May 2019 marks the  start of Dying Matters Week. The theme of the week is “Are We Ready?”

Preparedness is a very current topic in end of life care at the moment – especially concerned with early identification and communication with people who are nearing  end of life. If this is achieved, care can be better planned and personalised to the individual, for instance by creating a personalised care and support plan or providing a personal health budget can enable more choice and control over the care and treatment a person receives.

NHS England works with organisations through the Ambitions Partnership, to improve care in accordance with Ambitions Framework, which has been co-produced and identifies what good end of life care is. Throughout Dying Matters Week, NHS England will be discussing a different ‘ambition’ each day and discussing what a ‘good death’ and personalised palliative and end of life care may look like.

So, look out for the latest blogs, videos and case studies and why not join in the conversation?! @Pers_Care #DyingMatters #AreWeReady #PersonalisedCare

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