Building Communities that Care

A Rethink report has found that people severely affected by mental illness wanted most support in getting benefits, staying active and accessing free community initiatives such as gardening or peer support groups.  But many people surveyed reported that they are not being offered this support.

The report ‘Building communities that care:  A blueprint for supporting people severely affected by mental illness in their local communities by 2024’, Rethink argues that by supporting people as a ‘whole’, we can give them the opportunity to thrive.

When it comes to supporting people severely affected by mental illness. making sure people are able to access high quality treatment in a timely manner is one vital part of the picture.  But we also need to think about all the other factors that shape our mental health: housing; jobs; finances; and support networks.

Rethink thinks it’s time that communities and organisations come together to play their part in providing social activities, volunteering opportunities, or advice for issues such as debt or unemployment .

Read more and download the report on Rethink’s website.

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