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Webinar: Care and Support Planning

C4CC and Year of Care Partnerships will be jointly hosting a webinar on Tuesday 20 November on care and support planning from 1pm to 2pm.

Care and support planning is a process which replaces current planned reviews for people with long-term conditions. It provides the opportunity for a ‘better conversation’ between the person and the care professional focusing on ‘what matters to them’ rather than ‘what’s wrong with them’. It looks at the outcomes people want to achieve and what support they can access to help them build their knowledge, skills and confidence to self-manage their health and wellbeing.

The session will include Lindsay Oliver, National Director for Year of Care Partnerships who will outline the principles and process of care and support planning as well sharing practical tips for implementation .

Participants will also hear from Dr Becky Haines who is a GP in Gateshead on how her practice is delivering care and support planning for people with long-term conditions. Dr Haines will talk about how this works on a practical level at the practice and the impact this is having not only on people’s experience and behaviour, but on the practice as a whole, including staff satisfaction, knowledge and skills and on practice productivity.

The webinar will benefit care professionals who want to implement, sustain, scale-up or improve their approach to care and support planning. People with long-term conditions, and their carers are also encouraged to take part to hear about what they should expect from good care and support planning and how they can prepare to get the most benefit from the process.

Year of Care Partnerships, is one of C4CC’s partners and is an NHS based organisation that is dedicated to driving improvement in long-term condition care using care and support planning to shape services which involve people in their own care, provide a more personalised approach and support self-management.

The team is based in Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and has developed a “gold standard” approach to support organisations who want to embed care and support planning and support for self-management.

Dr Becky Haines is a practising GP in Gateshead, Clinical Lead for Diabetes for Newcastle and Gateshead CCG and is a Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) champion for person-centred care.

To register for this session, please email info@coalitionforcollaborativecare.org.uk