Paula Fairweather

Paula Fairweather

Paula lives with MS, and five years ago suffered two strokes leading to neurological dysfunction -meaning her brain now mimics the symptoms of stroke and MS. Prior to her stroke, Paula taught French at primary school and was a foster carer. She is passionate about personalised care and support, both of which are a necessity for people living with long-term conditions.

Paula attends both local and national Peer Network Meetings since 2013 she has worked with her local peer network group to set up a local personal health budget peer network – Mpower in Northamptonshire, whose aim is to inform and support others about personal health budgets.

She is also part of the People Hub and is a personal health budget peer leader. This involves working alongside regional NHS leads at seminars and conferences, sharing her personal story, taking part in discussions, and training and supporting the roll-out of personal health budgets and recently the launch of the Integrated Personal Commissioning Programme.

Paula feels this opportunity to take part in this vital work means the effects of her disability on her own life and her family’s lives has not been in vain but means she can help to support making a change for others.

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