Kristi Adams

Kristi Adams
Kristi is the Interim C4CC Co-production Facilitator. Kristi has a long-term condition, was a young carer and has worked in healthcare regulation and programme management for over 15 years. Kristi is a professional coach and believes that everyone has the potential to make choices for themselves, if they have the right people supporting them.

Kristi is passionate about healthcare and in particular, patients/service users and carers being the drivers of care, as opposed to being perceived as the passengers. Kristi’s vision is that people and carers are empowered and respected as confident and competent equals, working alongside and in true partnership with professionals.

Kristi is keen to hear about your experiences of co-production so that she and the C4CC co-production group can learn more about what works well and what could be done differently.  Please get in touch with her at if you want to share your experience and ideas. Together, we can be part of designing a new future for people with long-term conditions.

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