Fiona Carey

Fiona Carey

In addition to her role as a member of C4CC’s Co-production Group, Fiona has been appointed as C4CC Co-Chair.

Fiona worked for thirty years in publishing and higher education, mostly at the Open University. She is co-chair of the East of England Citizen Senate; a member of the Specialised Urology (Cancer) Clinical Reference Group; a member of the Wheelchair Leadership Alliance; speaks regularly about patient involvement; and regularly works with NHS England on a number of initiatives.

A kidney cancer patient since 2001, she’s had a nephrectomy, a pulmonary metastasectomy and, after a Whipple’s surgery for pancreatic metastases in 2011, she finally retired in 2012, with iatrogenic Diabetes, pancreatic insufficiency and seriously reduced mobility.

She’s spoken about seven day services and patient-centred care at the NHS England Annual General Meetings, has helped to design and develop NHS Citizen, chaired the Wheelchair Services Summit with David Nicholson, and is part of the Coalition for Collaborative Care.

Ask her about basketball, and watch her grin.

Twitter handle: @finchinch

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