David Trigger

David Trigger

David lived in Australia for five years, where he joined Diabetes Queensland and gained a good insight into their system of handling diabetes and other conditions. His own Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease was treated by a superb respiratory consultant.

On his return to the UK in 2011, David volunteered to work with Diabetes UK (DUK), and took part in the DUK road shows, which involved screening the adult public in purpose built caravans set up in town centres across the Midlands. Around 50 per cent of those screened were referred on to their GPs for further tests.

David became a Diabetes Champion for South Worcestershire and while he no longer goes on the road, he now sits on the Worcestershire Diabetes Network Board. He is also a Dementia Friends Champion.

David is now an NHS England Patient Leader and he works with both hospital trusts in Worcestershire. For the Acute Trust, he is a member of the team that carries out unannounced visits to the wards. David is also a member of the South Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group’s Long-Term Conditions Group and Patients Participation Group and he is deeply involved in trying to bring co-production to South Worcestershire.

Twitter handle: @swdiabetes

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