Cally Ward

Cally Ward

Cally spent all of her professional life in health or social care related environments, championing person-centred care for a range of people. She is also very interested in prevention and has done a lot of work around ageing and health.

Cally was born with a long-term renal condition, which was well-managed when she was younger, however experienced major problems following the birth of her youngest child, eventually needing to go on dialysis, and have a kidney transplant.

Her association with the East Midland Regional Renal Network group, allowed her to feed back her perceptions of her dehumanising care and lack of flexibility at her dialysis unit. The Network helped shape the audit questions for dialysis units in the region.

Cally is also a family carer for her son with learning disabilities, who has complex health, needs and lives with a range of long-term conditions. He lives independently in supported living, but Cally is the main coordinator of his health care support, his social care personal budget and Independent Living Fund.

She works nationally and locally to support other families understand how to get the best for their family members, and understand some of the risk factors associated with particular conditions. Cally has also contributed evidence to national enquiries.

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