Anna Severwright

Anna Severwright

Anna lives with multiple long-term conditions and has first-hand experience of disjointed care and the frustration of not being seen as a whole person.

One of her conditions has deteriorated in the last 10 years which has led to the use of an electric wheelchair and now Anna has support from personal assistants (carers). Anna is passionate about people with long-term conditions being decision makers in their own care and she strongly values her independence, using direct payments so she has control over her care and her life.

Anna qualified as a doctor in 2011, but due to her worsening health was only able to work as a doctor for six months. She now works part-time in an administration role and is a member of EDS UK and follows them and other disability organisations and patient groups to gain an insight into others’ views on health and social care.

Anna hopes as part of the Co-production group she can make a difference to people living with long-term conditions.

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