C4CC Newsletter – December 2014

Launch of the C4CC Vision

At the Future of Health conference, the Coalition launched its vision – ‘A Better Deal for People with Long-Term Conditions’.

The vision was well-received at the conference. Martin Routledge, Director of the Coalition and Fiona Carey, one of the founding members of the C4CC Coproduction Group, outlined how the Coalition would support those committed to making person-centred care a reality for people with long-term conditions. To celebrate the occasion, a special Coalition cake was cut by members of the Hub Team, Coproduction and Steering Groups.

Throughout the day, we captured ideas and thoughts on what a new deal for people with long-term conditions should look like on a graphic wall. What started out as a blank canvas quickly ended up becoming a mural of inspiration for person-centred care and gave us many ideas on how the Coalition could champion collaborative care. We’d like to say thank to all those people at the conference who visited the C4CC stand.

To see photos and tweets from the C4CC launch (including snapshots of the final graphic wall), check out our Storify feed here.

Think Local Act Personal Annual Conference

Following Future of Health, the Coalition facilitated a session at TLAP’s annual conference – ‘Personalisation in Health and Social Care – the Next Stage’ in Liverpool. This was a great opportunity to showcase how we will work alongside TLAP to champion person-centred care. The role TLAP has contributed to the design of the Coalition. C4CC presents the opportunity to bring organisations and people from the health sector into much greater engagement with social care.

Richard Cross, one of our Co-production Group members, opened the workshop with a talk about his experiences of being a carer and the importance collaborative care can play in this role. Martin Routledge and Catherine Wilton led the workshop, with support from Sam Bennett (TLAP Programme Director), focussing on the Coalition’s key priorities and how we will work in partnership with Think Local Act Personal to strengthen the message and reality of personalisation in the NHS for people living with long-term conditions.

The presentation from the C4CC workshop is available here, with further information on the conference available on the TLAP website.

Future Coalition Activity

As outlined in our vision, the Coalition wants to make person-centred care the norm and improve the relationships people have in their day-to-day interactions with health and social care professionals.

We are currently finalising our work programmes which will focus on two key streams of activity – ‘supporting practice, people and communities’ and ‘creating the conditions’. In the New Year, we will be sharing further details of these programmes.

Share good practice or make a suggestion

We are always looking to share good practice, ideas, resources and other material relating to the work of C4CC and person-centred collaborative care. We’re always happy to receive your ideas on where we should be focusing our efforts and resources to ensure we have maximum impact. Get in touch with the Coalition here.

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