Let’s change the nature of the conversation

It is exciting and encouraging to be part of the Coalition for Collaborative Care. Working within NHS England my role has been described as tackling the biggest challenge facing the NHS – enhancing the quality of life for people with long-term conditions. As a clinician I trained in a speciality and worked as a GP. I then found myself immersed in the world of commissioning. My experience has taught me that there are immense assets within and outside NHS England, but also beyond the NHS that can be mobilised to support the outcomes and ambitions we have set. When I first started at NHS England I came across the House of Care – a whole system approach to support personalised care planning and person-centred coordinated care. Intuitively and intellectually it made complete sense and touched my values as a clinician. This is why it is central to the work we are doing here and why we are promoting the House of Care.

The potential of the coalition to change the nature of the conversation with individuals who have long-term conditions is something that is needed and supported by NHS England. I am delighted we are part of the coalition working with colleagues across the NHS to support its aims and ambitions. We are working in partnership with so many different organisations who are focussed on the person, not just the conditions they suffer or the system that provides their care.

The changes required will be challenging for clinicians and others who either live with or support people with long-term conditions. It will take time, energy, resilience and focus. The coalition brings this energy and focus and resilience together in one place and I know everyone is eager to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Dr Martin McShane, Director for Improving the Quality of Life for People with Long Term Conditions, NHS England

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