Dr Ollie_HartDr Ollie Hart
GP Partner Sloane Medical Centre, Sheffield

Dr. Hart has been involved in an innovative pilot research project, based in his own inner city practice with 13,000 patients, to make the case for a more person centred approach to how primary care can support people living with diabetes. In this blog for C4CC he shares his experiences……
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Catherine_Wilton1Catherine Wilton
C4CC Director

Coalition for Collaborative Care’s Director Catherine Wilton reflects on the Leadership for Empowered and Healthy Communities (LEHC) programme……
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Richard Cross_1Richard CrossCarers need more support and the proper tools and training for the job!

Richard Cross was asked to be part of a keynote presentation with our C4CC partner Carers UK to senior civil servants at the Department of Health
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AliceMaynard_1Alice Maynard
Chair of the guideline committee, NICE
Putting People at the Centre of Their Own Care

Alice Maynard chair of the guideline committee for C4CC partner NICE, says all the evidence points to the need for people to be given a real and effective voice in their own care
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Talking Health Taking ActionTalking Health Taking Action Living with Cancer and Thriving

To mark World Cancer Day on February 4th, a trainer for Talking Health Taking Action shares her own very personal experience of seeing her husband battle cancer for the past nine years.
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Brain_Fisher_1Brian Fisher
Author of Commissioning Community Development for Health

Gabriel_Chan_1Gabriel Chan
Author of Commissioning Community Development for Health

What can healthcare commissioners do to get everyone involved with health and care in their own communities?

Gabriel Chanan and Brian Fisher have worked with C4CC to publish Commissioning for Community Development for Health. In this blog they explain the rationale behind this essential read for commissioners and all those who are keen to promote community development in their area.
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Hannah_Patel_1Hannah Patel
Insight and Evaluation Manager, Q Lab, The Health Foundation
The Q Improvement Lab – peer support access survey

Hannah Patel, from C4CC partner The Health Foundation, updates us on their innovative research project, the Q Improvement Lab, with a plea for your help to complete a key survey about accessing peer support for those with long-term health and wellbeing needs.
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EvelynBitcon1Evelyn Bitcon
Co-production Team member, Coalition for Collaborative Care
Human Rights Day 2017

To mark Human Rights Day on Sunday December 10th, C4CC co-production group member Evelyn Bitcon gives her own very personal insight into what this means for her.
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Natalie_Koussa_1Natalie Koussa
Director of Partnerships and Services, Compassion in Dying
What now? Conversations after a terminal diagnosis

Compassion in Dying is a charity that works nationally to support people to consider their wishes for the end of life, and to plan ahead to ensure what matters to them is known and can be followed. In this blog Natalie Koussa discusses the launch of their new publication ‘What now? Questions to ask after a terminal diagnosis’.
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Richard CrossRichard Cross
Co-production Team member, Coalition for Collaborative Care
International Volunteer Day (IVD) 2017

To mark International Volunteer Day 2017, C4Cc Co-production Team member Richard Cross gives an insight into his role as a campaigning volunteer for carers’ rights.
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Isaac_Samuels_v2Isaac Samuels
National Co-production Advisory Group member, TLAP
Being Positive About Being Positive

The 30th Worlds Aids Day was celebrated on December 1st and in recognition activist and campaigner Isaac Samuels gave his thoughts on the stigma that is still attached to those affected and the fightback underway to remove it.
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Margaret DangoorMargaret Dangoor
Co-production Team member, Coalition for Collaborative Care
Reflections of a Long Time Carer

Carers Rights Day takes place on 24 November and this year the theme is ‘make connections and get support’. To mark the day, we asked Margaret Dangoor, a member of the C4CC Co-Production Team, to blog about her experiences and how our ‘Three Cs’ is so relevant for people supporting loved ones with long term conditions.
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katie-clarke-day-150x150Katie Clarke-Day
Co-production Team member, Coalition for Collaborative Care
How Self Care Changed My Life

To mark this year’s Self Care Week (13-19 November), C4CC’s Co-production Team member, Katie Clarke-Day, explains what self care means to her.
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kristiadamsKristi Adams
Senior Co-production Advisor, Coalition for Collaborative Care
C4CC: HIV in Hackney

The Coalition for Collaborative Care was recently commissioned to run two workshops for the Homerton University Hospital NHS Trust, with the goal of improving the care and support available to people living with or at risk of HIV.
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Catherine WiltonCatherine Wilton
Director, Coalition for Collaborative Care
C4CC Launches New Care and Support Planning Tool

With the launch of a new Care and Support Planning Tool from C4CC and partners, C4CC Director Catherine Wilton talks of the vision of care and support planning for all.
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IanMcCreathIan McCreath
Personal Choice Programme Manager, Alzheimer’s Society
Personalisation for People Affected by Dementia

As part of the launch of the new Progress in Personalised Care and Support Planning Tool, Ian McCreath from Alzheimer’s Society explains why personalisation for people affected by Dementia is so important and how his team is working to achieve this.
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Edward StrudwickEdward Strudwick
Operations Manager, Association of Mental Health Providers
Encouraging Personalised Care and Support Planning in Mental Health Services

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 (8-15 May), Edward Strudwick from Association of Mental Health Providers discusses how important it is to not only think about those who have a mental health condition, but also the people and organisations who work hard to support them.
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Shaun WebsterShaun Webster
International Project Worker, CHANGE
Accessible Information and Healthcare: Thoughts And Advice From A Person With A Learning Disability

Shaun Webster MBE is an International Project Worker at CHANGE and has delivered training worldwide. He is a role model for co-working and co-production.
In this blog Shaun shares his personal experience of accessible information in healthcare and how he is working with C4CC.
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Rebecca DaddowRebecca Daddow
Senior Programme Manager, C4CC
C4CC’s Reflections on Realising the Value

C4CC’s Senior Programme Manager, Rebecca Daddow, attended the Realising the Value launch in November 2016 where the Realising the Value team showcased how they had brought the evidence together to create a set of recommendations and developed a range of publications.
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Annie FinnisAnnie Finnis
Director, Nesta Health Lab
Realising the Value: Four Months On

Nesta Director, Annie Finnis looks back on the work completed in the Realising the Value programme, the great numbers and wonderful stories, that informed the way they thought about what good health and care looked like.
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Catherine WiltonCatherine Wilton
Director, C4CC
Timebanking, Good Gym and Social Prescribing

C4CC Director, Catherine Wilton talks about the contribution community groups make to health, inspirational organisations she met at a recent ‘Ready Friends’ network and the results of a Reading Voluntary Action social prescribing project.
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Catherine WiltonCatherine Wilton
Director, C4CC
Future Hospitals Programme – Better Conversations

C4CC Director, Catherine Wilton, writes about the inspiring projects discussed at a recent Future Hospitals event by C4CC partner, Royal College of Physicians, highlighting two in particular that reflect how better conversations can make a difference.
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pledge cardCo-Production Masterclass
National Voices and C4CC
Co-Production Masterclass A Classic Collaboration

In December 2016, National Voices and C4CC worked in collaboration to co-design and co-host a masterclass in co-production – with the day itself co-produced with members of C4CC’s Co-production Group…
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claire-tomkinsonClaire Tomkinson
Wellbeing Development Lead, Macc
Who decides what health means?

Clare Tomkinson, Trustee at Timebanking UK and Wellbeing Development Lead at Macc writes about her reflections on the differing views on what makes us healthy and keeps us well.
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Richard CrossRichard Cross
C4CC Co-production Group member
Carers Rights Day

Richard Cross, a member of the C4CC Co- Production team, blogs on why Carers Rights Day is so important to him.
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Catherine WiltonCatherine Wilton
Director, C4CC
Engaging and Empowering Communities

C4CC Director, Catherine Wilton discusses the important, sector-wide commitment to developing and nurturing string communities.
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Ella JacksonElla Jackson
Future Hospital Programme Manager, Royal College of Physicians
Time For A New Relationship – Shared Decision Making at the Royal College of Physicians

In the third in our series of blogs from partners discussing their initiatives,  as shared at our Partners’ Meeting in June 2016, we hear from Ella Jackson of Royal College of Physicians about their work on shared decision making.
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Sian LockwoodSian Lockwood
Chief Executive, Community Catalysts
The Inclusive Change Programme

In the latest in our series of blogs from partners sharing their initiatives at our recent partners meeting, Sian Lockwood explains how their Inclusive Change Programme helped communities in Wakefield.
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David RussellDavid Russell
Head of Development and Policy, Spice
People Powered System Change

C4CC partner Spice Time Credits has released their latest ‘Time Credit Impact Report’. Writing a guest blog for the Coalition, David Russell explains how even in challenging times, Spice Time Credits are creating system change.
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Dr David PayntonDavid Paynton
GP, RCGP Clinical Lead for Care and Support Planning
Collaborative Care and Support Planning – The Clinical Perspective

In the first of a series of blogs following a meeting of our partners on Thursday 9 June 2016 to highlight the initiatives our partners shared, Dr David Paynton discusses collaborative care and support planning from the clinical perspective.
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HelenAllenHelen Allen
Manager of Enterprise and Community Innovation, Community Catalysts
New Models of Care in Somerset – The Community Catalysts Approach

Helen Allen writes for us today, highlighting the work of C4CC partner, Community Catalysts, with a particular focus on their work in Somerset, looking at where it working, for who and most importantly how.
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Lynne CravenLynne Craven
Royal College of General Practitioners’ Network of Champions Member
Care and Support Planning: It’s time to stop talking and start doing

Today, Lynne Craven writes about why it is time to stop talking about care and support planning and start doing… Written to coincide with the publication of C4CC partner, National Voices’, discussion paper – ‘What is the role of VCSE organisations in care and support planning?’ as part of their Wellbeing Our Way programme.
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Angelina TaylorAngelina Taylor
Improvement Analyst, The Health Foundation
Quiet Bravery: How Two Local Health Economies Are Transforming Their Health And Social Care

Today on the blog, The Health Foundation’s Angelina Taylor looks at how the implementation of the ‘House of Care’ model is helping to transform health and social care in Somerset and Leeds…
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Professor Karen MiddletonKaren Middleton
Chief Executive, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
Empowering Patients is in the DNA of Physios

C4CC partner, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), has been looking at how physiotherapy in primary care can transform lives. In a guest blog today, Professor Karen Middleton chief executive of the CSP discusses how empowering patients and expanding self-referral to physiotherapists can free up GP’s time and help reduce costs.
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Martin RoutledgeMartin Routledge
Director, C4CC
C4CC Welcomes New NICE Guidance

Coalition for Collaborative Care (C4CC) welcomes new NICE guidance supporting person-centred integration for older people with long term health conditions.
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Nic CrosbyNic Crosby
Director Children and Young People, In Control
Keeping the Person at the Centre

Today Nic Crosby, Director Children and Young People, of C4CC partner In Control, guest blogs for us, introducing the third paper from their ‘A Life not a Service’ series. This latest paper explains the basics of a new person-centred and integrated approach to whole life support…
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Ollie Hart, GPOllie Hart
I Have Never Had A Patient Tell Me Medicine Changed Their Life

GP Ollie Hart – who recently hosted the latest in a series of sharing days across three northern GP practices, bringing the term ‘people-powered health’ to life – writes for C4CC on the power of health trainers to change people’s lives for the better.
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Dr Selwyn HodgeDr Selwyn Hodge
Co-Chair, Self-Care Forum
Self-Care Week 2015: Self-Care for Life

Dr Selwyn Hodge, Co-chair of the Self Care Forum, blogs for us this week on the importance of self-care and invites you to be part of their upcoming Self-Care Week 2015.
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Christine MorganChristine Morgan
C4CC Co-production Group Member
Person Centred Care and Co-production- the ‘Get Real’ Factor

We are now on a countdown to NHS Expo 2015, where the Coalition for Collaborative Care will have a strong presence. One of our co-production group members, Christine Morgan, is part of the Expo’s People’s Panel and today writes for us about the importance of person-centred care and co-production…
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Ralph BroadRalph Broad
Director, Inclusive Neighbourhoods
People, Places, Possibilities

Local Area Coordination was introduced to the UK by Inclusive Neighbourhoods after proving successful in Australia. With a strong person-centred approach, some powerful stories are now emerging from Local Area Coordination sites across the UK and following the release of a new report by the Centre for Welfare Reform, Ralph Broad, Director of Inclusive Neighbourhoods writes a guest blog for us on how and why it works – and how you can get involved.
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Becky BoothBecky Booth
CEO, Spice
Creating the Conditions for Health and Wellbeing to Thrive, a New Approach for the NHS?

Becky Booth, CEO of innovative social enterprise Spice, a C4CC partner, has written a guest blog for us, following the publication of a report measuring the impact of Spice’s work in developing Time Credit systems for communities and public sectors.
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Dr Katie ColemanKatie Coleman
GP and Vice-Chair Islington CCG
How to Make Person-Centred Care Everyone’s Business – Reaching the Majority

A “Commissioning for Person Centred Care Working Group” has been bringing together people using health services with commissioners, providers and policy makers to consider what needs to change so that local people can really benefit from new ways of working. In this guest blog GP and Commissioner Katie Coleman outlines some of the key issues as the RCGP publishes new guidance.
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Martin RoutledgeMartin Routledge
Director, Coalition for Collaborative Care
Towards person centred, community-led health and care

Last week I attended my first meeting of the Realising the Value (RTV) Advisory Board. RTV is the programme bringing together the evidence base for person centred and community focused solutions to the challenges of health and care and to develop tools and approaches to get that evidence effectively used to drive change.
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Simon RipponSimon Rippon
Principal Consultant, Aligned Consultancy
Asset Based Approaches for Health and Wellbeing

It seems in recent times the terms asset based approach, asset based community development, assets, health assets are almost everywhere I look. Well, when I say everywhere, I mean in terms of my work focus and outside interests.
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