How do we develop a person-centred, community-centred workforce, to support people with long-term conditions?

C4CC aims, through the actions of a strong partnership and growing movement of people and organisations, to make person-centred, community-centred care the norm for people living with long-term conditions. To do this, we are taking action to influence and support local systems and practice, and to create enabling conditions at a national level.

This discussion paper looks at a key element in achieving our vision: the people who are part of the health and social care workforce. Planning, developing and supporting an integrated workforce that routinely works in a person-centred, community-centred way is a complex and multi-faceted challenge. To make it easier to understand and respond to, we’ve broken it down into four areas:

• Mind-set challenges for person and community-centred care;
• The specific knowledge and skills that are needed;
• The importance of supportive working environments; and
• Capacity and roles: workforce planning.

This paper is intended to stimulate discussion. It briefly sets out some ideas on:

1. The context: what do we mean by person-centred, community-centred care?
2. The workforce challenge
3. What is needed to create change at the local and national levels?
4. What action might the C4CC partnership take?

Download Workforce Discussion Paper (PDF)

We would welcome feedback. Please send any comments to by Monday 30 November 2015.

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