C4CC Launches New Care and Support Planning Tool

One of the core aims of the Coalition for Collaborative Care (C4CC) is to ensure care and support planning is a mainstream activity and I hope that the launch of our new planning tool will make a real contribution to making that happen on the ground.

Progress front coverIt is vital that people with long-term conditions have the opportunity to have a conversation about what matters to them and to be seen as an equal partner in their care by those supporting them, in health and social care.  Many of our partners and co-production team have evidence and stories about the positive difference the right conversations can have on people’s wellbeing, in achieving the outcomes that are important to them and on their confidence in taking control of their own health.

C4CC wants care and support planning to be available to everyone with a long-term condition and not just the “lucky few.” This tool has the potential to ingrain this best practice across the entire health and social care sector, providing organisations with a baseline starting point and the ability to continually assess their progress.

The toolkit has come about as a result of extensive work with C4CC partners such as the Alzheimer’s Society and Royal College of GPs, because they recognise the value of those conversations in achieving a better deal for people with long-term conditions.  This partnership approach will also be vital as we look to make its use widespread and bring about the system change we are all so passionate about.

In the coming year we will be continuing to deliver training, development and awareness raising sessions around better conversations, using the strength and breadth of our networks to build this movement for change.  Please get in touch by emailing info@coalitionforcollaborativecare.org.uk if you want to collaborate with us to help us keep up the momentum.

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