C4CC’s Reflections on Realising the Value

When it comes to transforming health and care, there are countless toolkits, guidance documents, and resources that provide information about what should be done and what could be done. There are numerous legal duties that set out what must be done. There is a growing abundance of evidence generated from what has been done. And there are plans about what will be done.

This can be overwhelming at times, but the wealth of information and conversation over recent years has led to a level of consensus about the fundamental shifts we need to achieve, that suggests that now might just be the right time to pursue and realise the ambition.

“More stars are aligned to this agenda this time, let’s make it happen,” RtV presenter at regional event.

The Realising the Value (RtV) programme has made a significant contribution to this sense of alignment and possibility. In bringing together much of the outspread evidence, strengthening the case for change and pointing to the breadth of behavioural, cultural and systemic change that would be needed to achieve the transformation, the programme marks a watershed in our approach to health and wellbeing, validating the community and person-centred approaches that are being championed by C4CC and its partners.

C4CC is committed to working with its partners and other key stakeholders to ‘become clearer about the difference that these approaches make to people’s own health and wellbeing and to the wider system (page18 ten key actions doc)’ and bring about the fundamental changes that are needed to enshrine these ideas into the mainstream.

We know that it’s not about re-inventing the wheel, but making the best of assets that are already in place and utilising them in coherent and sustainable plans. Our coalition is a diverse and vibrant partnership that spans disciplines and sectors and reaches into the complex networks of changemakers at local, regional and national levels.

Together we have articulated the enablers to change as the ‘three Cs’; better conversations, coproduction and community development. Through collaboration at a local, regional and national level we will:

  • Support the ‘do-ers’: increasing their awareness and understanding of the ‘three Cs’; building consensus about what the ‘three Cs’ mean in a particular place and to different groups; and, improving the knowledge, skills and capacity to do or deliver the ‘three Cs’.
  • Create the conditions: supporting the development of behaviours, practices, systems and cultures that will sustain the transformation being sought.

Change can happen in many different ways. The implementation of person and community centred approaches will be configured differently, will be experienced differently and will produce different results in different areas and for different people. Our challenge will be in developing the adaptive capacity of people, communities and systems to ensure that the changes can be sustained long term and become the norm.

All the evidence and resources produced as part of the Realising the Value programme can be found here. If you would like to get in touch with the team, you can email health@nesta.org.uk

To follow the work of the Coalition for Collaborative Care, you can join us, free of charge, as a member here, subscribe to our newsletter here and follow us on Twitter here.

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