Our vision for the future

The Coalition for Collaborative Care (C4CC) believes people should be in charge of their own lives and shouldbe the main decision makers about the actions they take  in designing their support and managing their conditions. They have vital experience, knowledge and skills and therefore the relationship between them and health and care professionals should be one of equals; where each is seen as having expertise.

We need to build a powerful movement for change to make this a reality for people with long-term conditions. This means enabling people to express their own needs and decide on their own priorities in partnership with professionals, who recognise an individual’s assets, strengths and abilities, not just their needs. People are interested in their lives, rather than just their conditions and help should be coordinated around the whole person to reflect this.

As well as being the right way to support people, we know that this approach works. People are more likely to follow through on decisions they make in partnership, helping them to better manage their conditions and stay well and independent. This applies to people at all stages of life.

Over a number of years, a range of practical, effective and evidence-based approaches, aimed to help make the shift we want to see, have been developed and tested. Some of these are focused on people being fully engaged as partners in decisions and planning of their care, with support for self-management and emotional, psychological and practical support – beyond tests and treatment. Many involve enabling people to connect with and be fully included and supported within their communities. This includes community development, peer support and tackling the wider determinants of ill health, increasingly referred to as ‘more than medicine’.

Personalised care and support planning is the means by which people can be full partners with health and care professionals. It is focused on having ‘better conversations’, enabling each person to articulate their own issues, develop solutions and access or design the right support at the right time from the many options available. It involves co-production with people living with long-term conditions of their own health and social care. Personal budgets in health and social care are a specific example of this.

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