How we will work

In order to make our vision of person-centred collaborative care a reality for people with long-term conditions we will:

Actively promote a new way of doing things in local areas – using professional champions, experts and leaders, along with groups of people with long-term conditions, who want to see change.

istock_000008154623xlargeWe will work to make practical support available to help communities embarking on this journey by providing information and networking groups for support, learning and training.

We will also work with major initiatives and programmes to demonstrate how person-centred, collaborative care can be achieved and ‘create the conditions’ to allow person-centred care to flourish. This will include using the evidence and building the case for change needed to influence and support systems and practice, working with leaders at all levels to develop new workforce approaches and strategies, and identifying and helping to pull the system and financial levers that will remove barriers and incentivise the changes we seek.

In doing these things we aim to model co-production, including through the establishment and support of a group of experts by experience – people with long-term conditions and family carers – who will sit at the heart of the Coalition’s work, both in design and delivery.

The core actions of the Coalition will be taken by its partners and members, aligning our work towards shared goals. We will also work with other key partnerships including Think Local Act Personal, who have been driving and supporting personalisation in social care and integrated provision.

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